Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How To Prevent Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking

If you’ve just made the commitment to quit smoking, chances are you are feeling pretty good about the positive things that you’re doing for your health – and you should, quitting smoking is by far the healthiest thing you can do at this point if you are a smoker. 

This said however, one thing that does cross many ex-smoker’s mind is the potential weight gain that may come along with this decision. We’ve all heard about or seen those who have quit who then went forward and piled on the pounds, replacing their smoking habit with an eating habit instead. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be like this. 

If you keep a few key tips in mind, you can successfully quit smoking and prevent weight gain that could come along with it. 

Let’s have a quick look at what you need to know so that you can implement some of these tips and strategies yourself. 

Snack On Raw Vegetables 

Now, as soon as you quit, there’s no denying the fact that you are going to want to start eating to have something in your mouth. This is perfectly normal and natural and what causes many to gain weight in the first place. 

To help overcome this, decide right now on a healthier choice to snack on when the urge to nibble arises. 

The best option? 

Raw vegetables. Carrot or celery sticks work perfectly because they are shaped most like cigarettes so it’ll mimic the action you would take if you were having a smoke. 

Plus, raw vegetables contain so few calories that you’d literally get too full before taking in any appreciable amount of them, so the chances you gain weight from eating them are practically slim to none. 

Sip Tea 

Another quick tip to help you avoid the weight gain that often comes along with quitting smoking is to sip some tea. Tea can help to fill you up and take your mind off eating and smoking, therefore allowing you to avoid calorie consumption. 

Bonus points if you choose to sip on Green tea because this variety will actually boost your metabolic rate as well. 

Chew Gum 

Chewing gum is another smart option for controlling your daily calorie intake and making sure that you fight the urge to nibble when you want a cigarette. 

Simply pop a piece of gum and since your mouth is busy, you’ll think less about putting food in.
Peppermint gum also works well to calm the appetite so for those who are worried about hunger causing them to eat, try using this particular variety for even better results. 

Take Numerous Brisk Walks 

The next quick tip to use is to take numerous brisk walks throughout the day. When you feel the craving for a cigarette and are tempted to go in for a few cookies instead, head out and take a very brisk walk. 

There’s nothing like getting the blood flowing throughout the body and heart rate up to calm your urge to eat and as an added benefit, you’ll burn off 60-80 calories if you walk for 10 minutes.
If you do this a few times throughout the day, you may actually start losing weight while quitting smoking rather than gaining. 

The physical activity can also help to reduce the urge to smoke itself as well, so this can assist with making quitting that much easier. 

Don’t Starve 

Make sure that whatever you do, you don’t starve yourself. Some ex-smokers are so worried about gaining weight that they put themselves on a starvation diet plan. 

Do this and you’re headed for trouble. It’s practically impossible to resist bad food when cravings strike and your stomach has been rumbling for hours, so eat in moderation. 

If you’re choosing healthy foods and tracking calories, there’s no reason you have to starve to prevent weight gain. 

Be Realistic 

Finally, make sure to stay realistic. Even if you do gain 5 pounds while you quit smoking, you can always lose this again down the road. 

Most people will hardly even notice five pounds of weight gain but they will notice you not smoking and your health will be a million times better. 

Keep things in perspective here. 

So there you have the top ways to prevent weight gain after quitting smoking. Make sure you put these to good use.

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